Confidence Boot Camp

If You’re Ready to Move Forward, Let’s Do It Together!

Experience this rare opportunity to spend three hours with career expert Jocelyn Giangrande.

DSC_1926Just because you’re ready to move forward doesn’t mean you know how.  As a woman, it’s challenging getting out of ruts or lacking confidence. Therefore, Jocelyn is devoted to helping women build the confidence to unlock their potential.  Based on her “What’s In Your Sandwich? book series; The Ten Ingredients for Career Success and 7 Savvy Ingredient to Supercharge Your Confidence.” participants will leave transformed and empowered to achieve success.  Jocelyn’s Bio


Together We Will:

  • Determine what’s holding you back and get it out of the way
  • Build the right level of confidence for your success
  •  Engage in intense exercises and practice together
  • Create a sisterhood, working together through support, confidence building and knowledge sharing

Get Unstuck With Us In Fall of 2017!


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