Feature Your Company in Our Program and Reach Purchasers in Your Market!

What’s In It For You?

Reach a Targeted Market of Purchasers:  We’re bringing hundreds of diverse career and business women together for a developmental experience aimed to advance women in the professional arena.  The average attendee demographics include career-minded women and entrepreneurs, ages 24-54 yrs, with a minimum of 3yrs of professional working experience and middle to higher level income.  You can connect and target these major purchasers all in one setting by taking advantage of one of our package options.


Highlight Your Products, Services or Workplaces:   Ads in the program brochure have a long shelf-life as it will serve as a workbook and desk-side reference guide for attendees and viewers.

Affordable Advertising Opportunities:

Looking to connect with women purchasers and gain recognition for your company?  Take advantage of an ad in the Program Booklet.


Business Packages/Group Rates

Vendor Tables

Contact us for sponsorship or more information at: (248) 789-0333 or via email at jgiangrande@sashewomen.com.


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